Hey there, beautiful.

Welcome to my little online space. It's so good to have you here!

In addition to the below 3-part Self Healing Series that you'll receive over three emails, I've also got an incredible gift for you to celebrate hitting a big milestone - 100 episodes on the Woman Awake Podcast!

I'm gifting you access to four free meditations from my Beginnings and Endings Album - this is such a perfect little meditation bundle as we are now at the pointy end of 2021. 

Track 1:  Relax into breath, soften into presence
Track 2:  Let go, Let God, Let Love
Track 3: Slow down and Steady
Track 4: Manifestation Magic

This will arrive soon in a seperate email titled: Beginnings and Meditations album - thanks for celebrating with me!


Don't forget - you'll soon start receiving my sign-up gift for you - FREE 3-Part Self Healing Series:

Part 1. Guided Breathwork

Part 2. Guided EFT Tapping Session

Part 3. Guided Meditation

Look out for the Self Healing Series in your inbox.


Claire x

P.s You'll also hear from me every so often (sometimes weekly, often monthly!) where I offer support to free your mind, feel your body, hear your heart and feed your soul. 

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